Who We Are?

Our passion and the values we believe in

We are a boutique consulting company that specializes in helping enterprises get the most value from the cloud and the data they collect.

Our Goal

Unlike other companies, our goal is not to deliver bodies to our clients but to define and implement a strategic plan that includes business insights and automation from the get go.  We believe that every development project can be approached in a way that provides full cost and resource transparency and we strive to achieve that for every one of our clients.

Our Passion

We also share a passion for data and are big proponents of the data-driven decisions. We’ve seen many projects go wrong because decisions are made based solely on gut feelings. This is why we educate our clients about the importance of data and help them establish a data-driven culture internally. With the help of our pre-packaged solutions, we can showcase the value of data and drive faster internal adoption.

Our Solutions

We have worked with small and big enterprises and noticed patterns that allowed us to create pre-packaged solutions for common problems. This enables us to deliver projects much faster and cost-effective than our competitors. We constantly improve our solutions and share the knowledge with clients so they can benefit from the broad industry experience we gain.

Our Experience

Although young as a company our team members have long experience delivering complex technology solutions around the world. We foster an internal culture of constant improvements and knowledge growth. In addition, our community involvement allows us to get early access to the latest technologies and our clients can leverage those insights in their roadmap. 

Leadership Team

The people behind the company

Jim Palmeri Jim Palmeri CEO

Jim is the co-founder and the CEO of Agitare Technologies, Inc. As a seasoned Management Executive for more than 25 years, he has lead customer-focused organizations at software and hardware companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Adobe, and Kodak. With proven operational, financial and managerial leadership experience, Jim is well known for building new strategic capabilities and providing the tactical execution to help the company scale and achieve organizational excellence, business profitability, and customer loyalty.

Toddy Mladenov Toddy Mladenov CTO & COO

Toddy is the co-founder and the CTO of Agitare Technologies, Inc. He also serves the role of COO and is responsible for the marketing and financial success of the company. Toddy has spent more than twenty years architecting, designing and implementing software and infrastructure for companies like Microsoft, SAP, 3Com and Nemetschek. His deep technology insights, as well as his customer-centric approach, help Agitare deliver advanced, flexible and future-proof cloud solutions to its clients.