Managed Services

Managing people, processes and tools adds complexity and cost to your operations.

Building internal systems and capabilities takes time and distracts your teams from the main business goals, especially in new or specialized areas like cloud computing, containerization and data analytics. Yet, you need to make sure that your systems run within budget, deliver value for your product teams and meet your growing business needs.

Proven and well-established managed service can offload your teams from the day-to-day operations of managing supporting systems, and allows them to concentrate on the tasks that drive revenue. In order to do that though, you need to choose an experienced service provider that can manage the process end-to-end, offering design, implementation and operations capabilities that fit your needs.

Our growing portfolio of standardized managed services products allows you to bootstrap operations in various technology areas like business and IT operations analytics, dev/test operations and technology training. We offer pre-build solutions that can be implemented in your private environment within a short amount of time as well as multi-tenant solutions readily available in the public cloud that you can start using immediately.

Through us, you gain access to leading technical and management expertise in the areas of cloud computing and business analytics. We follow best practices and industry standards that allow us to offer you reliable and quality services backed by solid service levels.

Managed Services Offerings

Explore some of our most popular managed services offerings and the value you can get from them


You collect lots of data but lack the infrastructure and skills to make sense of it. Whether you are in marketing, finance, IT or development we can help you get fast insights from your data. Today! Not in months


Managed Dev/Test Lab

Your dev and test teams spend most of their time building environments instead quality features and products. We can help you increase their productivity by streamlining the dev/test processes in a snap

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Managed Training Lab

Acquiring new skills is crucial for the success of your personnel. But learning on paper without experiencing the technologies is worthless. We can offer you low-cost training environments for popular new technologies

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Why Choose AgitareTech?

Experience and expertise make a difference

Depth of Skills

With us you get much more than just basic infrastructure maintenance and availability management. Our managed services are designed with security, high-availability and mobility in mind and delivered by highly trained technical staff

Consistent Delivery

Our service delivery is built on well-scripted, consistent processes that employ a repeatable methodology. You receive a reliable managed service that is proven over time and constantly improved based on customer feedback

Strong Partnerships

We build our solutions on modern technologies from today’s leaders in cloud, networking, and data analytics. If your business needs innovation or transformation we can provide you with headlights into future technological or market shifts

Performance-Based SLAs

We take full responsibility for the managed service performance and make sure it meets your requirements. Thus you can focus on the value the managed service delivers to you and leave the implementation to us


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