Improving Engagement With Social Media Listening

With our managed solution for social media listening in the cloud you can improve your engagement rates and increase the customer satisfaction

Our managed service for social media listening is built with your business in mind. We use the latest cloud and big data technologies to monitor the constant stream of social media posts and identify the ones that need an immediate action.

The platform allows for the creation of custom machine learning models that perfectly fit your business case. We enable Data Analysts to interact with the platform using iPython Notebooks in order to create custom analytics models. At the same time campaign marketers and customer service representatives can use an friendly UI to engage with customers while management can view the information on the visual dashboards.

We support various deployment models including private, hybrid and public cloud, and include complete management services starting from design, implementation, data analysis, model creation and ongoing operations.


Download the White Paper

Building Social Listening Platform in the Cloud

Download our white paper on building a social media listening platform in the cloud to learn about the essential components you need to implement in order to be able to track and engage in the social media conversations.

In this white paper, we present you with the reference architecture for creating a robust social listening infrastructure either in the cloud or on premise by outlining the main components you need to consider in your design. We introduce you to the Lambda architecture for data analytics infrastructure and at the end, we present you with an example implementation of the reference architecture that leverages Microsoft Azure services.



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