Accelerate App Development With Copy Data Virtualization

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Agitare Technologies, Inc and Actifio host this webinar explaining how Copy Data Virtualization can help accelerate your application development process.
As companies move to more agile and data driven development the need to have fresh and accurate data becomes a must have. However traditional IT infrastructure and tools are struggling to support those new requirements and are the reason for ever growing data sprawl. Imagine a scenario where your application development team can get a copy of the production data within minutes, implements the new functionality and discards the copy; in parallel your QA team requests a copy of the same data to do functional and performance testing, completes the tests and discards the copy. How faster will development be if those copies are created in an “instant” instead waiting for hours or sometimes even days? And how much more cost effective this will be if those copies are created in the cloud where you don’t need to pay for managing the infrastructure?