Cross-Platform User Management in the Cloud

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In this webinar you will learn about the challenges with existing directory technologies such as LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory in the cloud as well as any issues around their configuration, security, maintenance, and reliability.

Both LDAP and AD have won control over businesses across the world but new requirements like cloud, decentralized networking, and mobile devices are quickly eroding the value of these traditional technologies.

We’ll explore JumpCloud’s Directory as a Service (DaaS) with a live demo showing how these problems can be solved simply and easily, including management across multiple platforms, user management across your organization and in your cloud, and hosted LDAP.


James Brown – Chief Experience Officer at JumpCloud


As Chief Experience Officer, James Brown leads JumpCloud‘s efforts in product strategy, user experience, and marketing. James is laser-focused on every customer touch point with JumpCloud and ensures that JumpCloud’s products meet its customers’ wants and needs, and provide real, measurable benefits. Mr. Brown joined JumpCloud after a successful 11-year stint at StillSecure. Mr. Brown, whose final role at StillSecure was CEO of the company, was responsible for a number of functional areas during his tenure including software engineering, architecture, product management, engineering management, and marketing. Prior to StillSecure, James held senior engineering roles at and Qwest Dex (now Dex One).