End-to-End Big Data Analytics With Datameer

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Datameer’s analytics application, purpose-built for Hadoop, is abstracting the complexity of big data technologies and providing business insights faster than ever before.
In this webinar you will learn how you can empower not only Data Scientist but regular users with simple and intuitive views and analysis of Big Data. Datameer simplifies the big data analytics environment into a single application on top of the powerful Hadoop platform. The only end-to-end big data analytics application purpose built for Hadoop designed to make big data simple for everyone, Datameer combines self-service data integration, analytics and visualization functionality that provides the fastest time to insights. Over 200 companies like Visa, Citi, Workday, Sears, AT&T, American Airlines, Bank of America and Comcast all rely on Datameer on a daily basis to provide insight and a competitive advantage.