Future of Docker and Linux Containers

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Virtual Machines brought the first cloud revolution, but now Linux Containers are creating a new way to think about cloud infrastructure. In this webinar, we explore the history of Linux Containers and Docker, how they are being applied to application development and DevOps practices, and what the future landscape will look like in a containerized world.
Our presenter Lucas Carlson is formerly the Founder and CEO of AppFog, now Chief Innovation Officer at CenturyLink. He is an author, speaker, and leader in the cloud space. He spots early trends like PaaS, Mobile, Node and Ruby and helps guide and mature the technologies through a mix of open source contributions, evangelism, and entrepreneurship. He is in charge of the new CenturyLink Innovations Lab, which leads CenturyLink into next-generation technologies. The CenturyLink Innovations Lab’s purpose is to keep CenturyLink ahead of its competition by being at the forefront of current technology trends. He and his team write a popular DevOps blog at http://www.centurylinklabs.com.