Securing Your Servers in the Cloud

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This talk examines the differences between traditional (bare metal) and cloud security, and why it can be easier and more difficult to secure the cloud. We’ll discuss the traditional security appliance model, and why it doesn’t work well in the cloud, as well as the vast alternatives to that more traditional model. We’ll discuss why it’s impossible to be 100% secure, and why every company will be breached, that it’s only a matter of time. And,why the effort to secure your environment is not just cost, but can become a business benefit, and how you can turn a security breach into a great PR opportunity. Finally, you’ll walk away with three concrete steps to take to get you started securing your cloud.


James Brown – Chief Experience Officer at JumpCloud


As Chief Experience Officer, James Brown leads JumpCloud‘s efforts in product strategy, user experience, and marketing. James is laser-focused on every customer touch point with JumpCloud and ensures that JumpCloud’s products meet its customers’ wants and needs, and provide real, measurable benefits. Mr. Brown joined JumpCloud after a successful 11-year stint at StillSecure. Mr. Brown, whose final role at StillSecure was CEO of the company, was responsible for a number of functional areas during his tenure including software engineering, architecture, product management, engineering management, and marketing. Prior to StillSecure, James held senior engineering roles at and Qwest Dex (now Dex One).