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Data Center Racks Brands You Trust

From racks to enclosures and earthquake-proofing products, Agitare partners with the top names in the data center industry to provide world-class products for your next build-out, upgrade, or colocation move. Explore solutions from our trusted vendor partners below. 

Racks Considerations and Best Practices

When purchasing racks for your data center or colocation, some key consideration in selection should be: 

  • Maximum usable Internal space

  • Multi point door latching 

  • Air baffle system targets energy efficiency and prevent air bridging 

  • Smart security door latches

  • Toolless mounting

  • Cable walls for cable support and organization 

  • Lighting providing back-to-front coverage via power-efficient LED technology 

  • Welded frames static and dynamic load ratings and whether you need two-post or four-post racks for earthquake ratings

Open Compute Project (OCP)  

The prime objective of the Open Compute  
Project (OCP) is to reduce the investment and operating costs, energy consumption and environmental impact  
of data centers by way of innovative, fully standardized IT architectures. Substantial power savings can be achieved by transforming the power centrally and distributing it via the busbars that typify an OCP system. Using a power distribution at 277 VAC, eliminates one transformer stage in typical data centers, a single voltage (12.5 VDC) power supply designed to work with 277 VAC input, and 48 VDC battery backup.

High Performance Computing (HPC) 

Data is easier to create than to manage and store. Businesses of every scale are leaning on hyperscale and high-performance data center operators to maximize efficiency and increase margins. Having the computing power of a High Performance Computer doesn’t just require the compute nodes, but also the infrastructure for housing the equipment. As you pack in multiple nodes with multiple CPUs with a high number of cores, and many accelerators such as GPUs and Xeon Phis into one (1) to two (2) Rack Units saves on rack space, and depends more, and more on efficient power and cooling options (LCP systems, Cooling-on-the chip, Immersion Cooling). Additionally, Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) become more important as complexity and scope increases.  Levering IoT/Predictive Maintenance Systems driven by ML/AI Cloud monitoring design, will help transform your data center performance and reliability allowing you to handle new and data-intensive workloads in any environment.

Data Center Racks Brands You Trust