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IoT Architecture for Cooling Systems Sustainability Best Practices with Energy Audit: 4-Week Assessment

Industrial enterprise customers choose Agitare Technology industrial services to accelerate their IoT digital vision. Partnering with Agitare Technologies provides your team with a full review of your Azure IoT reference architecture, device management and connectivity options to provide a more rapid, reliable approach for delivering your secure and scalable industrial Azure IoT solution to meet your Datacenter  or Plant Manufacturing IT sustainability business objectives.

Additionally, Agitare Technologies is partnering with Rittal to conduct a plant cooling system energy audit to inventory your current climate control devices and identify efficiency analysis and service suggestions to modernize endpoints and lower your energy costs.  


Typical challenges:


    Service teams restricted by a lack of real time system operation status, leading to increased production down time due to unforeseen faults and failures.

        •  Lack of secure communication to cooling devices

        •  Not leveraging advances Azure ML/AI predictive services as part of their IoT cloud strategy   


    Wasted energy costs due to the use of inefficient and poorly maintained cooling devices. 

        •  40% of scheduled maintenance costs are spent on assets with negligible effect on uptime failures.

        •  30% of maintenance activities are carried out too frequently.

        •  45% of all maintenance efforts are ineffective.


    Focus on connecting specific hardware & sensors in the factory rather than an integrated solution.

        •  Plants deal with issues as they arise and focus on triaging the issue at hand rather than the big picture.


    Lack of IoT, Predictive Maintenance, and Monitoring Plan/Solution Deployment.

        •  No inventory accountability, poor maintenance schedules, high unplanned downtime & challenge getting the right parts & skilled labor for first-time repair.


What you get in an Azure IoT Assessment



    An architecture review document describing your current cloud architecture, recommended cloud architecture practices and areas for improvement


    A detailed architecture diagram of your current application environment 


    ​An architecture diagram with proposed improvements using IoT/cloud-native services 


    Infrastructure security review document with recommendations for improvements 


    ​Infrastructure monitoring and alerting review document with recommendations for improvements 


What you get in an Energy Audit

Potential information collected includes:

  • Unit location and machine number (if applicable)

  • Model and serial number

  • Manufactured date

  • Photo of the unit

  • General comments on the condition of the unit

      -Installation condition
      -Grade of dirt
      -Filter condition state

  • Set point

  • Temperature (ambient and enclosure)

  • Alarms noted

  • Noise level

  • Vibration

  • Incoming voltage (if possible)

  • Any other general observations

Manufacturing plant outages due to equipment failure result on average in $22K per minute unrealized revenue and severely impact the bottom line

Using IoT/ML/AI monitoring of cooling systems and predictive services will help increase factory performance and reduce their expenses by improving their operational ambient conditions and reducing their equipment maintenance cost.

Estimated plant stoppages cost over $17M/year in lost productivity 

Effective Climate Control and Proper Maintenance are Critical Factors in Improving Control Systems Reliability and Energy Efficiency

Using energy efficient and connected devices will reduce your annual energy consumption costs and enable your operations team to inventory and maintain your cooling systems

Device energy efficiency of poorly maintained cooling systems is reduced by over 30%

Modern electronics are struggling in a corrosive high humidity  manufacturing environment 

  • Because there are corrosive gases in a typical environment like tire, food and beverage

  • In a harsh environment, not all electronic components can benefit from conformal protective coatings leaving LEDs, resistors and IGBTs susceptible to damage

  • Variations in humidity can change a G2 environment into G3

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IoT Architecture for Cooling Systems Sustainability Best Practices with Energy Audit: 4-Week Assessment

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