Rittal Cooling

Liquid Cooling Products (LCP)  

Liquid Cooling Products provide a range of water and refrigerant based open and closed loop cooling solutions that easily achieve 50% energy savings! Thanks to intelligent control and the flexibility to add additional fans, partial load efficiencies can increase energy savings of up to 50% at the same volumetric flow and constant cooling output. 

  • Close Coupled 

    •  Shortest distance to heat exchanger from IT components

    •  Reduced possibility of cool air heated on way to the IT load



  • Fully controlled operational parameters 

    •  Better planning for scalability and safety capacities 

    •  Automatic adjusting of fan speed and water flow during operation 



  • Recovery management with automatic door opening 

    •  Release heat load into space (Thermal Ride Thru)



  • Climate Control Configuration 

    •  Low Density to 10kW 

    •  Mid Density 10-20kW 

    •  High Density >20kW to 60KW



  • Easy Deployment and Operations  

    •  Easily achieve 50% energy savings  

    •  Very low noise emission with solid doors (Closed Loop) 

    •  Uneven distribution of IT load possible; highest guarantee of functionality 

    •  HContainment and raised floor not required

Blue e+ 

A revolution in energy efficiency through innovative hybrid technology

  • Unbelievable efficiency

    •  Active cooling circuit with speed-regulated components for demand based cooling

    •  Integral heat pipe for passive cooling  



  • Amazingly economical

    •  Energy savings of up to 75% 



  • Versatility

    •  Suitable for international use due to multi-voltage support  

High Performance Cooling Products (HPC) – Zutacore  

Rittal has combined its traditional and OCP cabinets with an innovative direct-on-chip evaporative cooling solution from Zuta Core to meet and surpass the challenges posed by server-level hot spots and high-performance-computing requirements. Using an advanced close devaporative Nucleation Evaporator technology which allows cooling of high-powered process or above 900W. Additionally,this system provides capabilities for advanced IoT monitoring and management of server performance and cooling system maintenance. The minimal additional space (RHx door or in-rack HRU). Has the benefits of: 

  • No chilled water-cooling system required to remove the high heat load:

    •  The direct-on-chip system uses a non-conductive refrigerant, eliminating water inside the rack.



  • Easily deployed without modifying existing infrastructure and easy maintenance:

    •  Installation of high-powered computing nodes in an existing data center facility served by a traditional room cooling technology.