Application Development Consulting

Dev test teams are required to speed up software development and deliver rapid iterations of high-quality code to production. Using a process that relies on unscalable scripting solutions like Chef and Puppet combine with poor CI/CD methods can create code prone to high error rates, increased security risks and lower product quality. Let us take an assessment of your delivery pipeline to identify any inefficient processes or areas that can benefit from the adoption of the latest DevOps tools. We will introduce an Application Lifecycle approach using Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Continuous Integration, etc. to assist your teams in clearing bottlenecks in creating agile team enabling teams to speed up and create high-quality code to production.


 Enterprise Application Development: We can help you with development and integration of your critical applications utilizing .NET, Java, Python, Ruby and other technologies through managed services or distributed development.  We will assist in navigating issues of multi-tenancy, operational support, requirements management and security to ensure a cohesive platform while keeping data secure.

Web Development: Using methods like Single Page Application Development we will help you create user experiences for your customers, with consideration for localization/globalization, accessibility (REST), security and performance (technologies we leverage include ASP.NET, JavaScript, PHP, etc.).

Cloud Development: We will provide a roadmap to help you build applications to leverage either PaaS (Cloud: Azure, AWS) or IaaS (AWS-EC2, Azure) environment while applying capacity management and other disciplines to ensure efficiency and scale.

Web Services:  Application performance is critical. We can help you leverage Java and C# to build backend services that interact with front-end development, ensuring that your organization’s service architecture is built effectively to support applications, both internal and external  that are critical to your enterprise needs.

Enterprise Architecture: Ensuring easy connectivity between the applications in your portfolio by standardizing on strategy, platform consistency, and technical requirements.

The hybrid environment requires new more agile CI/CD development capabilities that are critical to a successful product development process and provides you with a business advantage to get ahead of the competition. We can help you create a DevOps culture and combined with tools likes Visual Studio, GET, Puppet, Chef to drive efficiencies in the application development and release process that gives your developer more time to focus on creating your products and services. We can help you use testing methods like A/B, Canary, and Blue Green deployment that will help you reduce production downtime risk and test performance and capacity with production loads.

Monitor, the health, and performance of your cloud computing resources are business-critical to ensure your application perform at expected levels at all times and your cloud and organizational resources are being effectively utilized. We will help you select and implement the right tools and processes to proactively monitor the health and performance of your critical cloud infrastructure to detect and resolve problems in a timely manner.


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