IT Consulting

Selecting the right Infrastructure type and solution delivery method can be and challenging task. Your workload design and business objectives may span a wide set of requirements from Co-Location, On-Premise/Public Cloud or Managed Services. We can help you choose the right offerings from IaaS to support a more classic IT need, to PaaS to help you streamline your application development and delivery environment to SaaS where all your focus is about the application. We will assess your application portfolio and determine your best infrastructure fit. Develop an application implementation roadmap to fit your legacy application (lift and shift to advantage) or a born in the cloud design. We can help you assess cloud provider advantages around governance and compliance, security, cost, geographical reach, SLA, and potential IT savings. We can show you the advantage of leveraging an on-demand pay-as-you-go services model to provide faster time to market and improved consumption per transaction.

Successful Integration processes will use automation best practices to ensure a continuous and reliable deployability of the software product. We will help you take an assessment of your CI/CD pipeline to identify any inefficient processes or areas that can benefit from the adoption of DevOps automation tools. We can introduce an Application Lifecycle Management approach using (Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Continuous Integration, etc.) and tools (e.g. appOrbit ALM) to assist your teams in rapidly prototyping, developing, and frequently releasing new application features. This will help with improving your teams release agility and help you avoid build failures and reduce regression issues with the help of automated test cases.

Outages and unplanned excessive infrastructure consumption can be a big cost to the companies bottom line. Combined with the impact of a security breach, you may face an uncomfortable discussion with Wall Street. We will help you select and implement the right tools and processes to gain the insights into the health and performance of these instances and show you how to proactively monitor your critical cloud infrastructure to detect and resolve problems in a timely manner. We can help you leveraging cloud computing services to improve the flexibility and scalability of IT services delivered to your end users. Use tools and process to interpret data and patterns to prevent a security breach. We can help you leveraging cloud computing services to improve the flexibility and scalability of IT services delivered to your end users.

Data drives everything’s and application portability is crucial from Development to Test to Production. Whether you are designing your enterprise for both legacy applications like SAP and Oracle or today’s modern applications with distributed and microservice architectures and modern DBs, like Mongo DB, and Cassandra. You must use the right architecture solution, supporting tools and process to ensure your solution can meet your key performance, cost and SLA objectives. We will evaluate your workflows and business objectives to find the right application and hybrid infrastructure design using Physical, Virtual, and Container models (e.g. Docker) together with Service Lifecycle Management Tools to enable ecosystem portability. This will ensure your applications and data stay together to meet your business SLA’s (from Migration to Scale to DR) and support extreme DevOps automation practices.

As a  Hybrid Cloud user, managing the usage of VMs and Containers across cloud vendors (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP)  can be a daunting task. We can help you ensure proper governance  practices are used to optimize compute, storage, networking resource utilization  (e.g.  automatic sunsetting of  test environments)  and implement ways to help you aggregate total compute resource costs by a project with budget monitoring and alerts. Each cloud vendor has a billing method that is tailored to a customer’s use case requirements. We make sure you are using the correct cloud provider plan to take advantage of lower costs ( e.g. using a spot market price or Enterprise Contract Rates) while meeting your application performance requirements. 



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